New Zealand's Electric Future

Flexibility is key

Our chargers can be configured with an infinite amount of billing possibilities, meaning no more policing of use and no more tracking of user costs. One piece of hardware can cover Fleet, Staff, Visitor and Public needs, all with the possibility to nominate how much the end user is billed.

Designed and built right here in Aotearoa

All of our software and hardware is designed and built by us and our local partners, right here in New Zealand. We don’t rely on expensive licenses or contracts for third party software, backend systems, and integration support. This allows us to quickly and easily customise features and functionality to cater for your needs.

As a charge point operator we provide charging as a service, often with free installation. Our technology is flexible and adaptable towards any use case, meaning one common solution can cover all scenarios and users.

Talk to Hikotron about charging solutions for…

  • A simple charging solution for high density/multi tenanted properties such as apartment buildings and for those who rent
  • Our experienced team can work with you from the design phase through to installation and ongoing usage
  • Real time costs and usage tracking​
  • Meet your businesses sustainability objectives​
  • Reduce operating costs​
  • Transition to an electric fleet with EV experts
  • Attract new customers and increase revenue streams
  • Create a loyal customer base​
  • Prepare your business for EV adoption​
  • Flexible billing structures and managing charging behaviour
  • Standardised charging infrastructure
  • Visible, manageable and future proofed charging infrastructure​
  • European expertise in EV infrastructure